Manders Maintenance is a full-service, commercial landscape maintenance company serving North Texas and beyond since 1988.


Manders Maintenance is a full-service, commercial landscape maintenance company specializing in commercial landscape maintenance to create the highest level of curb appeal for your property.

We provide professional services to businesses and organizations in need of commercial landscape maintenance solutions. Committed to exceeding our clients’ landscape expectations, we make sure to focus on the aspects of landscape maintenance that give our customers complete satisfaction.

  • Emphasis on quality care
  • Thorough attention to detail
  • Pristine management of seasonal color
  • Excellent irrigation management
  • Quick response time

A list of the services we offer:

  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Landscaping Design & Installation Services
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Chemical Services
  • Brush Hog Services
  • Arborilogical Services
  • Budget Analyses
  • Irrigation Audits
  • Water Conservation Programs

Sustainable Green Practices

While many companies talk about “Going Green”, Manders Maintenance practices Sustainable Landscape Practices, Water Conservation, Recycling, and Green Waste Reduction on a daily basis! 

Water Management

Water Conservation is one of the single most important challenges to the future of landscape management.

Manders Maintenance is dedicated to preserving our most precious resource through strict Water Management Practices; Utilizing “Smart”, ET based, irrigation controllers we are able to apply water based on current evapotranspiration rates in the precise amounts needed to keep plant material healthy, while at the same time conserving our most valuable resources. Adapting the latest technologies in irrigation spray head and nozzle designs as part of our daily maintenance programs and through the application of drip irrigation within new and established bedding areas, Manders Maintenance continues to improve its water management practices, while reducing disease and costly water waste.

Manders Maintenance manages the three largest Weathermatic ET based Smartline Controller sites in Collin County.

Waste Management

Manders Maintenance utilizes modern recycling mowers. Mulched grass clippings return nutrients and moisture back to the soil. This helps reduce the amount of fertilizer and potential chemicals in water run-off. This practice results in green waste reduction and helps conserve landfill space. The recycling of grass clippings does not result in a negative appearance to a freshly mowed lawn when this service is performed correctly. Tree and shrub debris is “chipped” and spread on site as mulch when applicable.

Professional Licenses

  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator License
    No. 0249860

  • Nursery & Floral Certification
    No. 0248747

  • Licensed Irrigator
    No. LI0021140

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